color'happy'sunset #03

color'happy'sunset #03


14h06 Tuesday
22, April
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    nina sum1

    WORD! very sick indeedy!
    where is this spot!?!!?

  1. NguJaz

    one vote for sunsets!!


    Ok this has to the last sunset, i believe that all of you can do far better photography than this.

    Force yourself to get out and shoot something. Give yourself a theme for the week and shoot that.

    ps.. this is a lighthearted comment..

  2. æ


  3. NguJaz

    we're poor souls Bra Dan. Deskbound souls who only see the light of day when it ends.
    when i grow up. i want your job


    naah man you ain't. Ok here is how I used to approach it.

    you all take lunch breaks right? Take a walk outside and show me your environment. Show me something different that others might never see. Show me a person, show me someone who works in that area and you think should be captured in a frame.

    Inspiration is all around (cheesy I know) but it's there for the taking. I don't work in Braamfontein, I'd love to see life from the city. I'd also love to see the hustle and bustle of the city during lunchtime :-)

  4. NguJaz

    i spoke too soon. we also have gathered free hours during load shedding.
    consider it an assignment Bra Dan!

  5. Khumbelo

    @ nina sum1, this was taken at the rooftop of killarney wilds (my crib).

    @ daniel, Ta.

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