untitled #03

untitled #03


15h42 Wednesday
27, February
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  1. twiggle stix

    im starting to have the same sentiments as Loymad about this colour..
    great shot man!!!!!

  2. æ


  3. noidSyStems

    Yeah Me too ...

    E dude we neeeeeeeeeeed meet sooooooon ev en tebza I'll holla soona .... !

  4. NguJaz

    what's the black stuff at the bottom of the plant?
    great shot.

  5. ªßè®

    @JZ plant residue??
    @Khumbelo, but thats not a flower...

  6. Khumbelo

    @ noidSyStems, fo sure we must do exactly that...been too long. must unleash the beast and do some damage bro.

  7. loymad

    texture, colour, composition... NICE!!!

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