young, fresh and nu

young, fresh and nu


11h41 Wednesday
16, January
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  1. Khumbelo

    Eish, the power is gone...

  2. lebogang nkoane

    I suspect I'm next if not --- it will be at night. Which is not good. TV is awesome on wednesdays.

  3. NguJaz

    the shoot has amazing resilience
    Khumelo -- you -- have finesse

  4. NguJaz

    sandton was murder yesterday afternoon. traffic was ridiculous.

  5. rudzani

    Move out of Jo'burg! People in Jo'burg live at least 1 month shorter per year than people from Sekororo for example: they spend it in traffic!!!

    By the way, Khumelo, very nicely done!

  6. seilatsatsi

    lebo i agree wit u jo, my hood is scheduled for lights out from 6-8:30. as long as i get to see Jericho, im cool.

    i love the textures in the pic, le plastic eo dipakeng tsa ditene

  7. æ

    different I guess

  8. Gixxer_Sane

    Dude this is an interesting pic man!

  9. Makhaya

    intense and vulnerable shot. one of my favourite this year.

  10. NguJaz

    i'm not moving Ru!

  11. lebogang nkoane

    Yeah -- Ru. I mean, who really wants to live forever?

    1 month difference ain't much ---- when I'm 89 years old, incapable of handling my bowel movements --- I'd rather not endure 1 month of it.

    *j-sect foreva!

  12. matome

    the part of the pipe juxtaposed with the plant just below the connection looks like the face of a kung-fu master. nice! fresh!

  13. Bafana

    Khumbelo, dope shot.


    Great quality WOW!!!!!!

  14. Khumbelo


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