yeahhh!, long weekend is here...i ma go see my mama...home sweet home here i come...hopefully i'll come back with some nice photographs from up's flippin hot there [Limpopo, Venda], i plan to make the best of this weekend so nothing can stand in my way, not even the blazing sun...

11h16 Friday
21, September
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  1. ªßè®

    I will be in Limpopo as well, ko Moletjie. I will however avoid the traffic this eve. I think there is a procession 2 Moria 2nite. Ke tla tsamaya gosasa e sale ka masa. Word!

  2. lebogang nkoane


  3. Ovidius Nkoane


  4. NguJaz

    did you steal your momma's sunlight soap :P

  5. Khumbelo

    what...? sunlight soap...?, wasn't me...

  6. NguJaz


  7. Nhlanhla Ndlovu


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