Soweto Groove #01

Soweto Groove #01

errr, what a perfect weekend it was...ICEBLOK 2.5 went down on Sat. like we planned. come started like any other Sunday (boring)...then  late afternoon we (i,Mokete, Tebogo,Howie and Tk) decided to take a tour around Soweto. it's probably the most happening place in Jo'burg on a Sunday...

and so we went around to places like The Rock, Nambitha, Hector Peterson Museum, and some other places i forgot the names...i must say that people in Soweto are's like everyone there has an expensive car...i'm talking Hummers, Lambos,Range Rovers and ish...

alas, we had a great experience...and yeah The Rock rocks big time...if you haven't been i suggest you try it out..


i feel good,very good...

10h40 Monday
10, September
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  1. Khumbelo

    errrr, notice the camera details: the date it's actually suppose to be 09 Sep 2007...and this photograph was taken some where in Jo'burg on our way to Soweto.

  2. lebogang nkoane


    i take you now go ya phone?

  3. ªßè®

    Khumbelo is flossin'

  4. Khumbelo

    yah, since yesterday...

  5. tebogo motea

    hey hey, pimping

  6. NguJaz

    fantastic! can't stop looking at it.

  7. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    i fink the reflection is dowp!

    *(o mayb kea phapha tis a c'thru building)?

  8. George Gladwin Matsheke



    ...soweto is the one., it has its own vibe...!!!
    tite pic :)

  9. changingtibet

    man, i luv the cloud reflection, ur lighting is great, gives a very uber corporate feel to the building.

  10. mokete*

    the pic is Rocking ! CLUB SOWETO

  11. Khumbelo

    thnks 'lot guys...

    {sho mo lov}

  12. noidSyStems

    Atleast we have tourist from our own country }promotion{ rite de! coming soon ... featuring all the banging hoods in SA ... ffrom Alex to Gugs

  13. Ovidius Nkoane

    What's that building called?

  14. heartwarmer

    WOW! Is that real? Makes me wanna shit in my pants in appreciation.
    Fucken awesome.

  15. Khumbelo

    KOTN, i didn't get to see the name of the building and i don't even remember the street it's at...Mokete should know, i'll ask him...

  16. Khumbelo

    he says it's on rissik street,

    (thought this might help since i dont know the name of the building)

  17. Ovidius Nkoane

    Sho boet! but I have another request, it is btwn Rissik and?,,,

  18. Khumbelo


    *looks for Mokete again...

  19. rudzani

    A lovely photo, muthannga!

  20. Khumbelo

    KOTN, it's rissik and main street...

  21. Stefanie Jason

    this is some mind-altering iddish!

  22. seilatsatsi

    damn i guess one needs to go down history every know n then to see these.

    too dope

  23. Khumbelo

    hmmm, that be the day i got my magic tool.

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