how does one get away from a stlkr...? 


10h57 Tuesday
28, August
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  1. NguJaz

    *sigh. i've come to learn in the past two weeks that there's no where to hide from one. you have to wait till they sick of you.

  2. lebogang nkoane

    i've had many stalkr's,,,

    the only way, is to tell them the truth, unless you are trying to keep, your 'options open',,, don't wanna burn bridges...

    *lokx around: shaves mustache


    i'm scuuurred of u...are u a potential stalker...

    nice pic tho....airy but the brightness also suggests a lovely quiet place to think...clear ur mind..love the bench!!!

  3. heartwarmer

    there are two ways. either lock them up, or kill'em.

  4. heartwarmer

    WAIT! Okay psychopaths, if you are reading this - I didn't mean the above okay. It was an unfunny joke. Okay! Comprende (f7)

  5. Khumbelo

    this is the 4th time, something like this happens to me...but i must say i really enjoyed the first time (i know this is weird but i did)...

    it was the chick back-opposite my house...heh heh heh,she was very determine to get what she wanted...

  6. Khumbelo

    yah, as i was saying...this chick had the guts to come to my home and tell my mom that she wanted to see me and she love's me...at that time she was very young(er) than me that i even thought she wanted my younger brother instead...but no it is i that she wanted (she was kinda 'gly)...luckily my uncle to me to stay with him at his place, and then i was saved from her....

    he still doesn't know that he saved my ass...from her...
    guess how she is doing now...

  7. rudzani

    Stalker?? Mmmm! Where can I get one? By the way, you do highlight what framming can do to ehance a simple object in your photo - the folliage guiding the eye to the brown wood.

  8. sizzla_slang the kingrat

    you get rid of stalkers the same way anybody with any black blood in them does. send an sms to the little known 36660 witchdoctor flashline that says: "lightning!" + "put name and location of stalker here"and viola! problem solved.

  9. Ovidius Nkoane

    You can't get rid of no damn stalk.k.ker with anything legal. You could be muthafuckn Jacque custo! The stalker is convinced that s(he) can take anything you throw at them. Next thing you know she,,, uhm or he, insists that you take a pic of them with their ass up in the air. like Hello Everybody.

  10. mokete*

    Dude! spitter! eheheheee

  11. Khumbelo

    he wena soni, 4Q...!

    by the way you neva told me if those guys are taking you in or not...'sup with that...?

  12. George Gladwin Matsheke

    its simple you stalk them back.

  13. Khumbelo


  14. Charlie

    LOL. Sizzla-slang, has even muti become technologically savvy.

    Am I the only person who has never been stalked or been a stalker!!!

    I thot I wasn't bad looking : (

    But serouisly, FOUR times Khumbelo!?! Wow, what is it about you that attracts the freaks!?

    And this pic....are you tryin to get into the mind of a stalker so you know how to get rid of them.....

  15. Khumbelo

    err, i don't know 'sup with me...and yah i figured to could help to try think as if i was a stalker...didn't work though...

  16. NguJaz

    i take that back -- can't get rid of them -- even if you ignore them

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