AdobeLiveCapeTown #06

AdobeLiveCapeTown #06

'yes, there was a time when i was so bored, so like wise a decided to find a way to entertain i'self...'yes, i played NFS Most wanted...

:-o, now you know i'm a gaming person, [don't get me wrong.i'm not an addict in the gaming world...]



{these are ma *dimensions}

09h20 Thursday
14, June
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  1. noidSyStems

    Ejo ... that looks like NEMISA canteen ...

  2. Khumbelo

    hey man..., this ain't NEMISA...can't you see this place looks cleaner...?
    by the way i'm @ NEMISA as i reply to this, some truck drove through
    the power pole, so there is no power in Kyalami...eish, internet is slow here...

    alas, i'll take this as a day off for i'self, thanks to the truck driver...


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