smoke that sh!t...

smoke that sh!t...

"HOW HIGH? So high that I can kiss the sky

 HOW SICK? So sick that you can suck my..."

- Method Man & Redman - How High


i think this is a cool photo...

what you think...?

  1. Makhosini Motha

    Sho mfana i look at that pick and i mediately see a a hip hop artist CD cover, would sell in the States and here in the African continent. Makin a statement. I like what is not vague.

  2. Bafana


    Makungo... tyt!!

    One problem... this guy.. is he the same dude who is still hiding the fact that he smokes from his parents?

  3. Khumbelo

    well lets hope his parents wont find out about 75, anyway i really don't think they gonna come looking for him...

  4. xClusive*

    Tite pic man

  5. tebogo motea

    smoke that shit... he really did, am sure he got high.


  6. noidSyStems

    getting hi? .... dats not de purpose 4 smoking pot aya ... elevations 3 de most HI aya

    Levity still ...

    I stopped smoking cigarettes ... dem babylon stick ...

  7. Bafana

    elevations 3 de most HI aya....

    so you can giggle when you see him

  8. lebogang nkoane


    Giggle, lol!

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