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  1. 5 Years. Spirit of the time.

    • 09
    • Hello. Five. Years. Running. That mark has been reached. Unlike the previous years, I won't focus on the last year, but the spirit of the last five years of this thing we call 75. Firstly, I will start internally.  There are 256 'themes, but before it […]

  2. 04: Zeitgeist 2010 – 2011

    • 09
    • Hello, It is that time of the year again — where we mark the beginning of another year we have been alive. At the same time celebrate in memory the previous year. Today is the birth year: 4th year running and gunning for the 5th. *okay, I suck at the […]

  1. 03: Zeitgeist 2009 – 2010

    • 09
    • Hello — this is to another beautiful year gone past, yesterday marks three years since we started.  Much respect, love to e-v-e-r-y body coming through, contributing and appreciating the photography: the 'graphers rock! With that — I shall give wha […]

  2. 02: Spirit of the times - 2008/2009

    • 07
    • Yes, 75th Celebrated.  It was good, it is good. Mad love to everybody and mad respect to the *noidFunk Family Abode for hosting, yet another 75th Celebration. With that, here is the Zeitgeist from the last time. Inside:4,756 love givenOutside59,04 […]

  1. Spirit of the time -- 2007/08

    • 08
    • Yay --- the 75th Anniversary was, well, absolutely beautiful --- there is something inherently good about 75 that even trying to pen to words is to limit it to a definition --- Mad love, mad respect to everybody and I mean ai'body! But, now, I will b […]