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  1. 6th Year.

    • 11
    • Hello. Today marks the 6th year we've been alive. Normally I would write about all those statistical data that comes with celebrating a year gone by.  I don't think that is what this is about, this is photography. With that said, this is wou […]

  2. 5 Years. Spirit of the time.

    • 09
    • Hello. Five. Years. Running. That mark has been reached. Unlike the previous years, I won't focus on the last year, but the spirit of the last five years of this thing we call 75. Firstly, I will start internally.  There are 256 'themes, but before it […]

  1. Until the dragons.

    • 05
    • Hello, Yet another year is closer to an end — I am not particularly sure how to feel about this year, but I know what I have in mind for next year and I also know I am far from the norm of how things are supposed to run. But, before I get into my pse […]

  2. An end to another year.

    • 06
    • Alo, alo, alo! (avoiding father chirstmas' normal greeting, ;-).  The year is almost, over, just almost.  With that I thought it be prudent I wish y'all a good festive season and an inspired new year. I am officially, going to be offline till next y […]

  1. HIPPnotic 75th Celebration.

    • 01
    • Ahem, the people at 75th Celebration  Terms and conditions apply*, ;-) * You have to be a registered  75 'grapher with al least one photo upload, you can choose any local or import beer, or fruit juice.Yaaaaaaaaay!19th April. Gin, Greenside -- Johan […]