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  1. 75th Movement LIVÉ!

    • 08
    • Alo, as you can see --- the newer version of 75 is up --- codenamed: Movement.  The key objective was to move all images onto cloud storage (Amazon S3).  That does have implication on the speed of photographs as it will pull them from an international […]

  2. 75/Apples LIVÉ! (Again?)

    • 11
    • Alo, This is the 75th Apples version.  The backend has changed drastically --- a few minute UI tweaks -- I haven't added a lot of functionality.  The objective of the update was to have a 'backend' I/we grow with. It will be easier to add things as t […]

  1. up/grading due at 14h00 CAT.

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    • Hello, everybody!An upgrade of 75's backend system (the stuff behind bricks) is due around 2PM (South/African Time).  If you can, please do not upload anything around that time --- the site will be offline for at most, 1 hour, but it should take less th […]

  2. About to go .Gamma --- [README.TXT]

    • 01
    • Okay, that moment of o' truth (Gangstarr) --- At 09h30, roughly and hour from now, I will take down the site for an 'upgrade'. It will return no later than 10h30. I pwomise. So ja, the routine is --- you won't have access to the site --- anything you […]

  1. 75, Interrupted

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    • Err, remember last week I said I will be moving the server this coming weekend, well, err, I actually did that last weekend on Friday night, which meant 75 was not available from Friday night to Saturday night. I could not check on Sunday morning if e […]