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  1. Themes Anybody?

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    • Hello, I think we need a few themes to line up for the year? Any ideas? At the top of my head I am thinking of the following: Looking down Your Kit (that is to say what is in your bag) Object of affection ( a thing that you always take with you wit […]

  2. With, Love.

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    • Hello! I know I don't normally write as regular as some "web 2.0 guide" sites would suggest. But, I as momma would say, only speak when you have something to say — although I wonder what her thoughts would be about twitter. Alas, this is the second m […]

  1. Happier New Year: 2011

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    • Hello, Welcome to the new year — 2011 (some have called it: twenty and heaven) — I know it's a month and 5 days old; but I wanted to sync this post with new updates to the site. So, with that joyous celebration here is what I have worked on: St V […]

  2. Virginity. Four Shots Story. Watermarks — 17/18/19th August

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    • Hello, We have three themes coming up: Virginity, Four Shots Story and Watermarks.  All of these are going down next week: 17—23rd August. Sharpen your focus, clean your sensors, charge your batteries … it's on, yé! Just to explain what each them […]

  1. Things to do

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    • Hello, I have a few ideas on things I need to work on to change or rather improve around these parts. I'd like to share them with you so, you can advise on things to add,  remove or modify. Firstly, I think the books don't work — so I am going to re […]