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  1. The Skilled Grapher

    • 07
    • Hello, Anybody here? First things first, the new edition of 75 will take quite sometime to finish. I had planned, last year, to sync it with the coming 5th year, but it appears that won't happen.  I am working on a few things, one of them, how to gener […]

  2. Red Theme — World AIDS Day (01 December)

    • 10
    • Hello, The exhibition is on tonight — our very first — a lot of things are learnt — I think we have almost 50 'graph that will be exhibited. Mad respect to you and yours especially Shy1 and Sam Buk. Word is love. With the exhibition en route, and […]

  1. Spring Day Celebration: 01 September.

    • 06
    • Hello, Spring day is en route: 01 September. I was thinking we could do the same thing we did last year: Spring Day Theme. Alas, if that does not sound like fun, The people at Celebrate Life Picnic, on the 4th of September at Emmerantia Dam (Botanic […]

  2. LESS IS MORE (theme) — Monday (15th march)

    • 01
    • Yes, yes, y'all — lets rock a new themed photography for Monday next week (15th March). Khumbelo plugged it here (for ideas). You down? You in? You keen? […]


    • 04
    • Hello, I'd like to apologise for not posting this earlier -- but, the festive be the season of silliness.  Alas, UP & I have been discussing a new theme based on doors, but we would like to run it like this: You post a photograph with a representation […]