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  1. Themes Anybody?

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    • Hello, I think we need a few themes to line up for the year? Any ideas? At the top of my head I am thinking of the following: Looking down Your Kit (that is to say what is in your bag) Object of affection ( a thing that you always take with you wit […]

  2. Copyright(s) - Edit with Clarity

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    • Hello, if you are a 'grapher this applies to you most, and if you are a subscriber it applies to you even more.  I am planning to change the copyright option for the photographs. I've been re-looking the Creative Commons (CC) license, and I feel it's […]

  1. Suggestion Box Open

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    • Madume ka lapeng! Being on the verge of surviving (read: running) for a month, 75 will be a month old on Saturday (19th of May), I am already working to move from 'alpha' to 'beta'. Now, I know what I want to change, add and/or remove, but I would […]