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  1. Knock Knock?

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    • Hello, This is just a note to say I am still alive, I am still burning some midnite oil to get some of the ideas we have to happen, as in: Book Exhibition — 19th April (Johannesburg) Studio Inasmuch as I want them to happen — I have to admit […]

  2. Happier New Year: 2011

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    • Hello, Welcome to the new year — 2011 (some have called it: twenty and heaven) — I know it's a month and 5 days old; but I wanted to sync this post with new updates to the site. So, with that joyous celebration here is what I have worked on: St V […]

  1. Twenty Tenth

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    • Hello, I've been reluctant to write this — you know, the end of year piece that is supposed to summarise everything — I mean, if a picture is a thousand words and we are dealing with photography, where do you start? We collaborated on a few themes […]