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  1. We live once more

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    • *evil laughter. Hello, yes, we are back online, once again, like the renage master!  Short of the long is: during the harddrive replacement of the server, we managed to backup 75, but we did not get a chance to move it onto a backup server --- and […]

  2. Down Time: Harddrive Replacement -- 17h00 CAT

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    • Hello, Once again, our server's harddrive got currupted --- a replacement will happen around 5pm --- which will bring the site down, until, i finish replacing everything. I will advise through twitter: as we try to bring the serve […]

  1. Up and down we go

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    • Hello!  The server was not accessible (not down) from 7pm yesterday to now, I honestly do not know why, I spent a great deal of this morning trying to figure it out. But, Johan (thank you for your patience) from Hetzner --- helped me get access to it […]

  2. We live once more

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    • Awee, awee --- we is alive once again --- thank you for understanding (assuming you did, right? *nudge, nudge)I haven't slept much --- so amma rest a bit --- if you spot something iffy, strange, odd, holla me: (or leave a message if that w […]

  1. OFFLINE/Migration 6am - 10am.

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    • Alo, the migration is in process as we speak --- the server will be offline from 6am, I know it will return by 10am --- it could return by 6.10am, but I am only buffering, jic* From 6am, I will put the site offline --- so we can maintain data-integrit […]