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  1. Red Theme — World AIDS Day (01 December)

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    • Hello, The exhibition is on tonight — our very first — a lot of things are learnt — I think we have almost 50 'graph that will be exhibited. Mad respect to you and yours especially Shy1 and Sam Buk. Word is love. With the exhibition en route, and […]

  2. RED DAY - 01 DEC (Tuesday)

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    • Hello, It's that time again for a World AIDS theme --- where we all collaborate in this day, through the medium of photography: RED DAY/WORLD AIDS DAY (Red Ribbon). Lets rock like last year this coming tuesday. However, I do ask you tag your pho […]

  1. Beauty in red

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    • It was indeed a beautiful day, Rudzani to try colour again.Mad, love, respect to everybody. Merci! PS: I have  lot more words to write, but as things are right now, my morale is low --- so I will return to write more when the 'stars and moon' align t […]

  2. Red (ribbon) Day - 01 December

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    • Alo, alo, alo, another theme en route! 'Red' is the new theme for one day only: World Aids Day: 01 December 2008 (next week monday) The theme is simple:We upload photographs with a 'hint/touch' of red, or as the cheesy methaphor goes: We paint 75 red. […]