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  1. Web Addicted

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    • Okay, it's going to get tougher and more mandane to the point where I will come across as bieng 'modest' --- but we got Web AddiCT(s). It is good --- I must confess there is only so much one can say, I suppose it's the curse of getting used to the lov […]

  2. 75 yan'Jova!

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    • Okay, that is way too cheesy --- but story on 75 --- hence the title, ;-)  Exciting times, interesting times. and I think it's time I worked in that press release, so I don't get the stories twisted --- gotta tell the same story right, all the the ti […]

  1. CityPressed

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    • Ah, yes, we got blessed and pressed on this weeks CityPress (CityPress Business, page 4 and yes I'm laminating and framing the article*). Eye-yeeeeee!  Most importantly we were referred to as 'graphers' --- that awesome! All this coverage is good, th […]

  2. Media Update

    • 08
    • Yay! story about 75 --- tjoveeee-tjo!  Okay, I really, need to learn the art of public relations ---or maybe not, tis better to be self than conform! I got nothing to say, I'm  just excited.Although I'm starting to think, I might need a press-releas […]