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  1. Time waits for no man, right?

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    • Hello, people of 75 --- this is a more of a confession with the aim of soliciting some sympathy, ;-). It appears that I do not have the time required to complete the new 75 (v. Gamma) in time before the inaugural date, 19th of April --- I have three t […]

  2. What's in Gamma? Numero quattro.

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    • Did you know that in most African languages, the number four is pronounced the same and probably spelt the same, as in 'Nne'?  Awesome me, thinks.  Soooo, I think, this omega version has run long enough, it's time to start working or rather planning […]

  1. Mark I

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    • Yay, today, we have reached and passed the 75th mark. The psychological seventy fith photograph on seventy five, as I like to call it. - 75th photograph by ngujaz Phew, now I can relax a bit and focus on 'beta'. one, love.  […]

  2. Two Weeks!

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    • Yay! 75 is two weeks old.  I suppose the excitement is not as great as the first time, considering the project crashed out on Monday, :-( But, I think now it's stable, some refining needs to be done, or rather, I am working on a re-design because I w […]