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  1. Arts Alive. 2009.

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    • Hello, anybody interested in participating in the Arts Alive.  We have an opportunity to photograph in and around the event.  Which is about a month long (starting on the 3rd). If you are keen to be part of the collective let me know by end of today […]

  2. With green eggs and ham

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    • I like my Apples like that, although I am not found of ham :). Hello. Now that this, appears to be stable (or stabilising) --- let me get into the nitty gritty of things that MUST be done. deleting your profile (photography, comments, messages et al […]

  1. Hands off?

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    • Alo! I believe we are to have a themed day tomorrow? The theme being:Hands.I am not so sure --- I suspect a lot of people are on holiday/leave/offline.  So, would it be not better to move this theme to next year? Your thoughts? 1ove, collaborat […]

  2. AU 79 Art Exhibition.

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    • Awee! Awee! Our very own, AU 79 exhibition on the 27th of November --- which includes, Twiggle, Yay! and I quote (just in case my excitement ovewhelmed me):AU79 is a 'social art party' concept that merges art with a younger social crowd. Art has f […]

  1. Black and White Week: 06/10 - 10/10

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    • Alright, I am excited about this idea, fingers crossed y'all are too --- Twiggle and I have agreed (or rather discussed on Collaboration Anyone?) we should have a black and white week as from next week, for 5 days.What that means, is that for the 5 days […]