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  1. One Thousand!

    • 09
    • I'm not one to celebrate milestones, but a milestone is a milestone. Last night the 1000th photograph was posted on Studio Eighty Three. Horaaaaaay!  […]

  2. Ah, Eureka!

    • 0
    • Okay, that might be misleading.  I found out what happened.  It turns out on the 11th of October, around 10-11am the 'harddisk' was not writeable.  I don't know why, but I'll ask the *nix (a unix/linux OS distribution) guru's I know. Writeable as i […]

  1. Err, What is that?

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    • I just noticed that a couple photographs have been corrupted, when they were originaly uploaded they were all good.  I have no idea what caused it, but I am investigating. I will come back with a response to how it can be fixed, if I can't fix them. […]