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  1. Must Reaction!

    • 02
    • Hello, First things first --- our first book went live: Heritage Day. Now, to matters of the heart --- I know I have spoken of exhibitions here and then, but after meeting with APPEAL (site will go live tomorrow, I am told), a change is in order, w […]

  2. Open Book

    • 04
    • Hello everybody, it's been another long two weeks, I have not had time to 'effect' the new stuff I want to include here, as it is, I am tying off a project, hopefully I'll be done by tomorrow morning, no friday night drinks for me, :-( What is to come […]

  1. Registration Open

    • 02
    • Hello, Time for the second phase of testing, which means registration is now possible. But, err, there is a catch, registration does not mean you can 'post' photographs, it just means you can interact and play with the other kids, yay! So, ja, s […]