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  1. About to go .Gamma --- [README.TXT]

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    • Okay, that moment of o' truth (Gangstarr) --- At 09h30, roughly and hour from now, I will take down the site for an 'upgrade'. It will return no later than 10h30. I pwomise. So ja, the routine is --- you won't have access to the site --- anything you […]

  2. (hiccups and stickups) 02

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    • Okay, the sat/sun target was missed --- ah, well ---- I'd love to say it's going to drop this weekend, but I'd have to plan another retraction, but I wanted to let you know of a few things, before that happens. Because a newer/fresher (we hope) versio […]

  1. 75th Upgrade.

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    • Oh, yeah --- this is the moment I've been planing for since last year September --- a new version of 75 (Gamma as it is named) --- it will drop this weeken(d/t). The designs are done --- the application is done (okay, as I write this, I am finalising […]

  2. Everything is okay. Everything is indeed okay.

    • 06
    • Yay, managed to avoid that 'interruption' --- spoke to family (including the extended family, much respect) --- so, we have been bailed.  We will survive February, which is all that was needed, the rest of the other months we are sorted (fingers [tightl […]

  1. Site (may be) Interrupted.

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    • Okay, so I hedged my bets, but what it is, is what is it.  There is a chance this site will go down for the month of February.  I know that sounds dire, but, it all has to do with 'money-matters'. I have run out of funds to finance the server that r […]