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  1. #Masakhane

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    • Hello, everyboy! Some of you might have noticed: I can no longer claim 'to always be online'.  That only means, I won't be as active as I should around this parts, I should be back around mid-April. but, alas, I am sure, y'all will want to collabo […]

  2. OFFLINE/Migration 6am - 10am.

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    • Alo, the migration is in process as we speak --- the server will be offline from 6am, I know it will return by 10am --- it could return by 6.10am, but I am only buffering, jic* From 6am, I will put the site offline --- so we can maintain data-integrit […]

  1. Can you say hiccup

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    • Ja ne, there I was after a 'major' update I was thinking I have done all I need to do to get this project to run itself, ha!  It turns out 75 was using up about 90% of the server resources. I figured it out why, though, and I think it is fixed, I hop […]