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  1. A little howto

    • 08
    • Ah, we have quite a bit of new 'graphers and I thought it be fitting, to illustrate some of the things you can do, albeit limited (waiting on Gamma*). Firstly, I'd like to welcome all grapher's, new and old.  Hip-hip, Hooray!  Okay, back to the topi […]

  2. Show some love

    • 02
    • If you love/like/digg a photograph, show some love, there is that 'love' icon on the right of each photograph, if you are 'logged in', you simply click on it, and that's all there is to it, the icon will change to 'pink/red' (i am not good at naming colo […]

  1. Thirteen Hours

    • 0
    • Hello, now that I slept that long, feeling so-fresh-so-clean, I can write eloquently and clearly. Firstly, welcome to the new beta.  Reworked from scratch and redesigned from almost the old one.  The key point of the re-design was to push the focus […]