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  1. Meetups and teacups*

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    • Hello! *don't ask me why I titled this post that, it just rhymed. Yeah, on Thursday during Sheri G's exhibition we realised we need to meet-up more often. So, Jeff said he is going to organise the next JHB Meet. He will let us know next week, if my m […]

  2. 75th Picnic!

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    • Hello, Rumour has it Johannesburg is meeting up this Sunday: 29th May, 2011 — 11am? 12pm? 13pm? Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia. Pull through if you can. But, considering the weather is cold fronting — what happens if it's too col […]

  1. Happier New Year: 2011

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    • Hello, Welcome to the new year — 2011 (some have called it: twenty and heaven) — I know it's a month and 5 days old; but I wanted to sync this post with new updates to the site. So, with that joyous celebration here is what I have worked on: St V […]

  2. July 25th: Get, get, get. Get it together*

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    • *sang like Dr. Khumalo. Hello. We are supposed to meet this weekend, right? right? I am not particularly good at 'getting people to get together (St. Germain)', so I was hoping somebody here is good at that, who would champion this ever so needed get t […]

  1. Johannesburg Shoot - June/July.

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    • Bra hmmm fame ;-) wants to do a (I assume fashion?) shoot in down town Jozi/J-sect/Jo'Burg (around June/July) and he needs our help, what he wants is simple:He would like us (everybody and anybody) to suggest locations, places, buildings --- the spots yo […]