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  1. (hiccups and stickups) 02

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    • Okay, the sat/sun target was missed --- ah, well ---- I'd love to say it's going to drop this weekend, but I'd have to plan another retraction, but I wanted to let you know of a few things, before that happens. Because a newer/fresher (we hope) versio […]

  2. RSVP

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    • So, I have, I think, finished the invitation model (read: thingy magic).  I have lowered the 'required' number of photography to be able to invite. The point is to see if it works.  The limit has been set 37, that means if you are a grapher and you […]

  1. Thirteen Hours

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    • Hello, now that I slept that long, feeling so-fresh-so-clean, I can write eloquently and clearly. Firstly, welcome to the new beta.  Reworked from scratch and redesigned from almost the old one.  The key point of the re-design was to push the focus […]