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  1. With, Love.

    • 09
    • Hello! I know I don't normally write as regular as some "web 2.0 guide" sites would suggest. But, I as momma would say, only speak when you have something to say — although I wonder what her thoughts would be about twitter. Alas, this is the second m […]

  2. Here be dragons!

    • 05
    • Hello, Hello, Hello! Welcome to the new year — without a shadow of a doubt, personally, business-wise, 2011 was a kak-year, and from my engagement with other people, it appears the sentiment is mutual. Alas, this is another year — if predictions […]

  1. 75th Exhibition — 30th November

    • 08
    • Hello, Good news — the exhibition is set, the details are: 18h30/19h00 — 30th November 2010 (facebook event) 38 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town) 16 'graphers + DJ Just Be …? Show, LOVE! 1ove, exhibits. […]

  2. 75th Exhibition: Cape Town

    • 47
    • Hello, Sam Buk are taking on the responsibility of putting together a 75 Exhibition in Cape Town. There is a few key things they need from us: The date: to be confirmed exactly but definitely pencil in the last week of November 2010 between Mon & Thu […]

  1. Things to do

    • 14
    • Hello, I have a few ideas on things I need to work on to change or rather improve around these parts. I'd like to share them with you so, you can advise on things to add,  remove or modify. Firstly, I think the books don't work — so I am going to re […]