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  1. Somalia, Africa.

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    • Olé, I don't normally do this — but, amma throw you a lil remix. In two thousand and eleven years we have famine, as a friend a put better: … in the age of twitter we have famine? So, I don't really know what I can do to help, what it would t […]

  2. How to compile a book

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    • Hello. Its been awhile since I wrote, considering we have a launched a new version with new functionality.  The key thing being books.  Let me explain. Books are a collection of photograph, that you as a grapher would like to put together, within y […]

  1. 75th Movement LIVÉ!

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    • Alo, as you can see --- the newer version of 75 is up --- codenamed: Movement.  The key objective was to move all images onto cloud storage (Amazon S3).  That does have implication on the speed of photographs as it will pull them from an international […]

  2. With green eggs and ham

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    • I like my Apples like that, although I am not found of ham :). Hello. Now that this, appears to be stable (or stabilising) --- let me get into the nitty gritty of things that MUST be done. deleting your profile (photography, comments, messages et al […]

  1. 75/Apples LIVÉ! (Again?)

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    • Alo, This is the 75th Apples version.  The backend has changed drastically --- a few minute UI tweaks -- I haven't added a lot of functionality.  The objective of the update was to have a 'backend' I/we grow with. It will be easier to add things as t […]