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  1. Things to do

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    • Hello, I have a few ideas on things I need to work on to change or rather improve around these parts. I'd like to share them with you so, you can advise on things to add,  remove or modify. Firstly, I think the books don't work — so I am going to re […]

  2. It ain't all about money making

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    • Hello, everybody --- tis been awhile --- alas --- I am about to conduct an experiment with 'Google AdSense'.  I am pretty sure they will be upset by me doing so, but I need empirical proof of how this site can sustain itself beyond my 'rampant-cash-flow […]

  1. Money Matters

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    • Okay --- to be honest the minute the 'money' issue was sorted, I lost the drive to get 'outside' capital.  But, I have been thinking a bit 'bout what I don't want 75 to become. I have thought long and hard 'bout this --- I just don't quite like the r […]