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  1. up/grading due at 14h00 CAT.

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    • Hello, everybody!An upgrade of 75's backend system (the stuff behind bricks) is due around 2PM (South/African Time).  If you can, please do not upload anything around that time --- the site will be offline for at most, 1 hour, but it should take less th […]

  2. Workers Day! May Day! (theme): 30th April. (thursday)

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    • Hello, It has been awhile since we themed this here 75 --- and I think another theme is in order, no?At work. If you do decide to partake --- please, pretty please, tag your photograph with the phrase:may day1ove, collaboration. […]

  1. 75th Nomination: Yay we made it!

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    • Yipie! We got nominated for the 2009/SouthAfrica/Blog/Awards: Photography. Yipie! I think there is a voting thing-magic on the site --- oh, here is the list of the competition, -- I was going to list 'em, but, uhmm, err,,, ja. *chuckle. All is fair […]

  2. #Masakhane

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    • Hello, everyboy! Some of you might have noticed: I can no longer claim 'to always be online'.  That only means, I won't be as active as I should around this parts, I should be back around mid-April. but, alas, I am sure, y'all will want to collabo […]

  1. International Women's Day Theme - 8/9th March

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    • Alo, alo, alo!  International Women's Day, you dig? Yeah, lets do this, clockwork: the intepretation is left upto to you.It's on a Sunday: so we could run Sunday and Monday (considering internet access is high on 'work' days, you dig? (i do […]