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  1. WOW! What Was That?

    • 07
    • Hello, I woke up today with the server not available, around 11am. Did what every support team would do: ran: ping then searched twitter. It appears, the people we get our server housed by, Hetzner, had a power outage and a their backup […]

  2. We live once more

    • 02
    • *evil laughter. Hello, yes, we are back online, once again, like the renage master!  Short of the long is: during the harddrive replacement of the server, we managed to backup 75, but we did not get a chance to move it onto a backup server --- and […]

  1. Down Time: Harddrive Replacement -- 17h00 CAT

    • 0
    • Hello, Once again, our server's harddrive got currupted --- a replacement will happen around 5pm --- which will bring the site down, until, i finish replacing everything. I will advise through twitter: as we try to bring the serve […]

  2. 75th Upgrade.

    • 04
    • Oh, yeah --- this is the moment I've been planing for since last year September --- a new version of 75 (Gamma as it is named) --- it will drop this weeken(d/t). The designs are done --- the application is done (okay, as I write this, I am finalising […]

  1. Site (may be) Interrupted.

    • 19
    • Okay, so I hedged my bets, but what it is, is what is it.  There is a chance this site will go down for the month of February.  I know that sounds dire, but, it all has to do with 'money-matters'. I have run out of funds to finance the server that r […]