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  1. Up and down we go

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    • Hello!  The server was not accessible (not down) from 7pm yesterday to now, I honestly do not know why, I spent a great deal of this morning trying to figure it out. But, Johan (thank you for your patience) from Hetzner --- helped me get access to it […]

  2. Possible Downtime --- Hard Drive Failure.

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    • Alo, I've spent most of this day --- going through the server's logs --- only to find out that since last week, 12th of September, this hard drive (disk) that hosts all the data is most likely to fail (as in die). So, a data migration plan is on the c […]

  1. The Down Times

    • 04
    • Hello, well, the server was down for about an hour --- and it had nothing to do with me or the server ---- but a firewall that runs in the data centre (in Gallo Manor, Johannesburg) was not doing what it' suppose to. Now, when that happens there is no […]