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  1. To Remember

    • 04
    • Hello. I have been silent for far too long, even this space is starting to look like a ghost town. I have to admit the thought of shutting down this project has crossed my mind many times, but, I just can't seem to let it come to an end yet. I have […]

  2. Confession, Pt. 3.

    • 02
    • Hello. I won't meet the 19th April deadline I imposed. What can I say? Client work has taken most of the time I had in the last three months, but, the beauty of it is that, what I build for clients is also the same code (parts of it anyway) that I wou […]

  1. B-A Yana-Yana-Yanas!

    • 07
    • Hello, I have said it in the last 4-10 months the site is due for an upgrade — make that an overhaul. I have planned for September to initiate that task. I am aiming to be done in  October. With that said, there is caveat: bread and butter — I […]

  2. Change is good?

    • 02
    • Hello, I intend to start working on a new 'version' of 75.  Primarily the plan is to implement 75 with a new 'framework' (geeky talk to say: a new system/technology to run tings). But, I do think, there is a lot more, that can be done, your though […]

  1. About to go .Gamma --- [README.TXT]

    • 01
    • Okay, that moment of o' truth (Gangstarr) --- At 09h30, roughly and hour from now, I will take down the site for an 'upgrade'. It will return no later than 10h30. I pwomise. So ja, the routine is --- you won't have access to the site --- anything you […]