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  1. International Women's Day Theme - 8/9th March

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    • Alo, alo, alo!  International Women's Day, you dig? Yeah, lets do this, clockwork: the intepretation is left upto to you.It's on a Sunday: so we could run Sunday and Monday (considering internet access is high on 'work' days, you dig? (i do […]

  2. Beauty in red

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    • It was indeed a beautiful day, Rudzani to try colour again.Mad, love, respect to everybody. Merci! PS: I have  lot more words to write, but as things are right now, my morale is low --- so I will return to write more when the 'stars and moon' align t […]

  1. Red (ribbon) Day - 01 December

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    • Alo, alo, alo, another theme en route! 'Red' is the new theme for one day only: World Aids Day: 01 December 2008 (next week monday) The theme is simple:We upload photographs with a 'hint/touch' of red, or as the cheesy methaphor goes: We paint 75 red. […]

  2. Heritage Delayed

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    • Alo, if you read yesterday's: Possible Failure, post you'll understand my reluctance to drop the books, especially the Heritage Book.  My argument is simple, if the 'data' loss does actually happen, what would have been the point of it all? So, the p […]