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  1. We live once more

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    • Awee, awee --- we is alive once again --- thank you for understanding (assuming you did, right? *nudge, nudge)I haven't slept much --- so amma rest a bit --- if you spot something iffy, strange, odd, holla me: (or leave a message if that w […]

  2. OFFLINE/Migration 6am - 10am.

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    • Alo, the migration is in process as we speak --- the server will be offline from 6am, I know it will return by 10am --- it could return by 6.10am, but I am only buffering, jic* From 6am, I will put the site offline --- so we can maintain data-integrit […]

  1. Data migration almost there.

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    • Hello! The data migration is now ready to be done --- I am consulting with the provider to see when would it best to do it --- I am aiming for early morning tomorrow, but, it might be best to do it, this afternoon --- but I shall wait and see. I wi […]

  2. Image Preservation

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    • I am pretty sure you have noted that almost each photograph now shows what time and what camera was used to capture the photograph with.  Although in some cases it does not show. This has to do with how the photograph was saved, and if you are like m […]