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  1. 75th Annual — Extended.

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    • Hello, As Diaan noted, we are embarking on a producing and publishing an annual magazine (or book depending on budget): A collection of photographs of the previous photographic year. The selected photography will be chosen from photographs posted her […]

  2. Knock Knock?

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    • Hello, This is just a note to say I am still alive, I am still burning some midnite oil to get some of the ideas we have to happen, as in: Book Exhibition — 19th April (Johannesburg) Studio Inasmuch as I want them to happen — I have to admit […]

  1. 75th Annual (a book on photography)

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    • Hello, Leave a man in the dark for a few hours and his mind is allowed to think and be creative — these social networks (twitter, skype, g-chat, email) are distracting and disturbing. Anyway — I have been served a 17 hour blackout (there was no ele […]

  2. Heritage Delayed

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    • Alo, if you read yesterday's: Possible Failure, post you'll understand my reluctance to drop the books, especially the Heritage Book.  My argument is simple, if the 'data' loss does actually happen, what would have been the point of it all? So, the p […]

  1. Heritage Day

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    • Alo, if I am correct, heritage day is coming up -- 24th September --- I was thinking we could do something special --- if you are interested. There is two options, but the second one requires more work from my part, alas, here they are.On that day, we […]