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  1. Confession, Pt. 3.

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    • Hello. I won't meet the 19th April deadline I imposed. What can I say? Client work has taken most of the time I had in the last three months, but, the beauty of it is that, what I build for clients is also the same code (parts of it anyway) that I wou […]

  2. HIPPnotic 75th Celebration.

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    • Ahem, the people at 75th Celebration  Terms and conditions apply*, ;-) * You have to be a registered  75 'grapher with al least one photo upload, you can choose any local or import beer, or fruit juice.Yaaaaaaaaay!19th April. Gin, Greenside -- Johan […]

  1. Four Months, After.

    • 06
    • Hello, everybody yesterday, 19th of August, was the 4th month anniversary of 75.  Yay! I thought this time, maybe I should drop what some might call: quarterly earnings (or stats if you will).  So here we go. For the 4 months since, 19th of April […]

  2. Three Months Later

    • 05
    • Oh ja! 75 is now three months old, today, yay! Happieeeeeeeee!  […]