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  1. RSVP

    • 04
    • So, I have, I think, finished the invitation model (read: thingy magic).  I have lowered the 'required' number of photography to be able to invite. The point is to see if it works.  The limit has been set 37, that means if you are a grapher and you […]

  2. To be or not to be?

    • 01
    • Hello, After that massive update (although it only makes sense if you are a registered user), I have been hit by a slump.  I seem to be an unable to work on the next two things I need done by next week Thursday, 3 month anniversary. I have been th […]

  1. Update Done

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    • Hello, My updates are done.  Let me know if you spot any problems.  There is just way too many things I done did to explain what they are, so explore away. Word to gran'ma! […]

  2. Updating

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    • Hello, if you are online right now, you might find some strange things going on, I am updating the site as you read this. When I am done, I will post another to say that I am done. Till the flipside.  […]

  1. Open Book

    • 04
    • Hello everybody, it's been another long two weeks, I have not had time to 'effect' the new stuff I want to include here, as it is, I am tying off a project, hopefully I'll be done by tomorrow morning, no friday night drinks for me, :-( What is to come […]