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  1. Themes Anybody?

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    • Hello, I think we need a few themes to line up for the year? Any ideas? At the top of my head I am thinking of the following: Looking down Your Kit (that is to say what is in your bag) Object of affection ( a thing that you always take with you wit […]

  2. With, Love.

    • 09
    • Hello! I know I don't normally write as regular as some "web 2.0 guide" sites would suggest. But, I as momma would say, only speak when you have something to say — although I wonder what her thoughts would be about twitter. Alas, this is the second m […]

  1. B-A Yana-Yana-Yanas!

    • 07
    • Hello, I have said it in the last 4-10 months the site is due for an upgrade — make that an overhaul. I have planned for September to initiate that task. I am aiming to be done in  October. With that said, there is caveat: bread and butter — I […]