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  1. A/Z February

    • 08
    • Alo, alo, alo! Yesterday's Hand themed was off the hook.  Mad love, respect to all 'graphers. With that, we got 'Alpha Numeral' February, let me explain the concept:Each day of February will be given an alphabet, starting on the 1st to the 26th (as i […]

  2. Hands - 27 Jan.

    • 09
    • Alo, this is just a reminder that tomorrow we rocking the 'hands' theme. Oh, I also need your thoughts on 'Alpha Numeral'. (well that's what I've come to call it):February is an Alphabet month.  That is to say from A:01/feb to Z:26/feb each day has a […]

  1. The Move

    • 0
    • Hello, everybody! The movement from 'alpha' will, mos definitely, unless there is a power-failure, happen this weekend.  Meaning that from Friday night to Monday morning, the site might be off-line all together. So, if you spot the, off-line messa […]

  2. Upload Problems

    • 01
    • Okay, it appears, quite a few people have experienced problems with uploading photographs, alpha version is not good, which means now I'll have to launch 'Beta' this weekend. Eish, when it rains it pours.  May I then ask that you let me know should y […]

  1. 75, Interrupted

    • 0
    • Err, remember last week I said I will be moving the server this coming weekend, well, err, I actually did that last weekend on Friday night, which meant 75 was not available from Friday night to Saturday night. I could not check on Sunday morning if e […]