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  1. Until the dragons.

    • 05
    • Hello, Yet another year is closer to an end — I am not particularly sure how to feel about this year, but I know what I have in mind for next year and I also know I am far from the norm of how things are supposed to run. But, before I get into my pse […]

  2. 04: Zeitgeist 2010 – 2011

    • 09
    • Hello, It is that time of the year again — where we mark the beginning of another year we have been alive. At the same time celebrate in memory the previous year. Today is the birth year: 4th year running and gunning for the 5th. *okay, I suck at the […]

  1. Happier New Year: 2011

    • 11
    • Hello, Welcome to the new year — 2011 (some have called it: twenty and heaven) — I know it's a month and 5 days old; but I wanted to sync this post with new updates to the site. So, with that joyous celebration here is what I have worked on: St V […]