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  1. 75th (2nd) Celebration

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    • Hello, Yes, yes, y'all --- 75 is 'bout to be 2 years old: 19th of April --- be the date. I am thinking a gathering (or slaughtering o' something organic and free range) is in order. I spoke to *noid (albeit I was not sober) about doing a setup at h […]

  2. We Celebrate

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    • Okay, 'the people have spoken' --- We is meeting up on the 19th of April (this year) at Gin in Greenside, Johannesburg (one day when 75 is huge we will be everywhere in the country, promise). Here are the details:Gin is located event details are here […]

  1. in celebration

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    • ah, ante_alias asked if there are any concrete plans for the 75 'anniversary - there are none - I can only imagine slaving harder to get 75.gamma done, but, a 'meeting' or a session would be preferred? I am never good at organising anything in the 're […]