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  1. Two Thousand and Thirteen

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    • Happy New Year 'Graphers! I'd like to welcome yáll to, yet another, year — I do hope 2012 was much kinder to you than it was to me, but like a stranger once said to me, we need celebrate our failures and be more public about them, more than we do […]

  2. 75th Annual — Extended.

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    • Hello, As Diaan noted, we are embarking on a producing and publishing an annual magazine (or book depending on budget): A collection of photographs of the previous photographic year. The selected photography will be chosen from photographs posted her […]

  1. 75th Meet-Up. III.

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    • Hello, It has been awhile since our last meetup, lets do this, we have things to do and make, we gotta connect. Saturday, 16th June. From 11am, I suppose. Neighbourgoods Market + Great Dane Braamfontein. Diaan want's do something whilst we ther […]

  2. Themes Anybody?

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    • Hello, I think we need a few themes to line up for the year? Any ideas? At the top of my head I am thinking of the following: Looking down Your Kit (that is to say what is in your bag) Object of affection ( a thing that you always take with you wit […]

  1. 5 Years. Spirit of the time.

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    • Hello. Five. Years. Running. That mark has been reached. Unlike the previous years, I won't focus on the last year, but the spirit of the last five years of this thing we call 75. Firstly, I will start internally.  There are 256 'themes, but before it […]