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  1. To Remember

    • 09h42, 09 Feb
    • 04

      Ja, shutting it down now, you can't. I just joined and I like what I see although I do agree that the site needs a make-over of sort. More friendly to the eye and easy navigation.

      Just treat it like good hip hop and don't stop.


    1. lebogang nkoane

      Awe. Let me get to work then. :-)

    2. Matt

      Yeah, please don't shut it down :)
      It's quiet for sure. But shutting it down would put an end to one of the great SA photography sites in my little opinion.


    3. lebogang nkoane

      Hear! Hear! I am nearly there with the code; New site is on schedule. :-)

  2. Confession, Pt. 3.

    • 10h26, 10 Apr
    • 02
    1. Lebogang Ditibane

      ehm, i would like to object on the 19th of April, some of us have faraway families to visit during the easter weekend. Any other time, im down for!

    2. lebogang nkoane

      Awe! I am with you on that.

  3. Fourteen.

    • 10h10, 17 Jan
    • 07
    1. Diaan

      Looking forward to it. :D

    2. Khumbelo

      holla when/if you need help where you think we/i can help.

    3. lebogang nkoane

      Awe! Will do.

    4. lebogang nkoane

      Oh. I am building it in a way that it should be easy to build mobile specific applications. So if any of you are keen on that let me know.

    5. Lebogang Ditibane

      only reading this now, cool stuff bru

    6. novocaine

      What technology are you using? ;)

    7. lebogang nkoane

      php/mysql (might migrate to postgresql)

      thats it.

  4. 6th Year.

    • 00h19, 19 Apr
    • 11
    1. seilatsatsi

      Interesting looking at the Tchad, South Sudan, Guinea Conakry and Congo Brazaville. been working on ICT in Africa.

      Pele ya Pele

    2. Diaan


    3. Gari Gaspar

      congratulations are in order...

    4. sweetoof

      well done what you've achieved with this site is no small feat

    5. lebogang nkoane


    6. Matt

      Awesome stuff all around.

      Thanks to @lebo for keeping us going on 75.

      Proud to be a part of this movement...

    7. King-K


    8. twiggle stix


    9. ntsane

      to a another 6 years

    10. Native Soul

      its a bit ,LATE --- BUT hell yeah , HOOOOO fucking RAH -----
      we here to stay and share even more -

    11. Mxolisi twentySeven

      Proud to be part of this here community.


  5. Two Thousand and Thirteen

    • 11h10, 15 Jan
    • 02
    1. Diaan

      2012 was a bit of a lame year for me too. At least I've started 2013 on a very good note.

    2. Gari Gaspar

      Here's to a year full of successful possibilities...

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