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I have been silent for far too long, even this space is starting to look like a ghost town. I have to admit the thought of shutting down this project has crossed my mind many times, but, I just can't seem to let it come to an end yet.

I have plans of what I want it to be, after it gets there and still remains a ghost town then I'll be more convinced to shut it down.

I am as you read this rewriting the entire thing (including a database redesign) and I hoping through collaboration with some of yáll I will also launch the mobile app.

But, I will be taking the site down for a month between the 19th of March and 18th of April for the migration and also to find a way to re-invigorate the love of what we have been doing here for the last seven years.

With that said, I do hope you will come back and so we can rebuild this community that has spawned such beautiful collaborations creatively and spiritually.

1ove, move/meant.


    Ja, shutting it down now, you can't. I just joined and I like what I see although I do agree that the site needs a make-over of sort. More friendly to the eye and easy navigation.

    Just treat it like good hip hop and don't stop.


  1. lebogang nkoane

    Awe. Let me get to work then. :-)

  2. Matt

    Yeah, please don't shut it down :)
    It's quiet for sure. But shutting it down would put an end to one of the great SA photography sites in my little opinion.


  3. lebogang nkoane

    Hear! Hear! I am nearly there with the code; New site is on schedule. :-)

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