Confession, Pt. 3.

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I won't meet the 19th April deadline I imposed. What can I say? Client work has taken most of the time I had in the last three months, but, the beauty of it is that, what I build for clients is also the same code (parts of it anyway) that I would have to re-write this.

But, every free single minute I get, I pour it onto here, even when I am commuting on the train from Sandton to Rosebank. It will be done, and trust me, it will be, possibly the most beautiful code I've ever written and the best design work I've done. Not even my clients' requirements are tapping into what I think is my true potential.

Oh, I've heard people say they want a '75 app', I am not convinced it would add any value, but if you feel like you want to do it, please let me know, I will give you access to the beta API that will be built into the new version.

I am thinking however, being that 75 works on one photograph a day, an app would need to create something new we can do on our mobile phones beyond just posting one 'graph, because the new 75 will be mobile friendly (not mobile first, photographs do look better on screen than on mobile).

Oh, another thing, should we do a meet-up on the 19th? I'd rather skip this years celebration, thats only because I have something else planned that I think would be great (can't share it in public, until the proverbial ducks are lined up). But, if yáll want a meet-up, we shall have a meet-up.

Aluta, Continua.

  1. Lebogang Ditibane

    ehm, i would like to object on the 19th of April, some of us have faraway families to visit during the easter weekend. Any other time, im down for!

  2. lebogang nkoane

    Awe! I am with you on that.

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