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Hello, ‘Graphers. 

I know I haven’t inked these pages in a long time. Alas, last year was a hell of an exhausting year. I was forced to focus on a specific project which demanded the most of me than anything I’ve done in this life.

Alas, as I type this, I have begun to re-write the code that built this. I decided I will rewrite it from scratch, that way fresh ways of assimilating code to realise an idea can permeate through.

I am hoping a brand spanking new version —code named ‘Summer’— will go live before our seventh birthday. The ideas I want to incorporate will be explained on that day, but, just to give you and idea, is that 75 will be ‘grapher centric.

With that said, I do hope this will indeed be a happy new year to you, yours and ours.

1ove, begins.

  1. Diaan

    Looking forward to it. :D

  2. Khumbelo

    holla when/if you need help where you think we/i can help.

  3. lebogang nkoane

    Awe! Will do.

  4. lebogang nkoane

    Oh. I am building it in a way that it should be easy to build mobile specific applications. So if any of you are keen on that let me know.

  5. Lebogang Ditibane

    only reading this now, cool stuff bru

  6. novocaine

    What technology are you using? ;)

  7. lebogang nkoane

    php/mysql (might migrate to postgresql)

    thats it.

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