Meetups and teacups*

an article.

Hello! *don't ask me why I titled this post that, it just rhymed.

Yeah, on Thursday during Sheri G's exhibition we realised we need to meet-up more often.

So, Jeff said he is going to organise the next JHB Meet. He will let us know next week, if my memory serves me correctly.

Being that I will be in Cape Town this Wednesday I think we should have a CT Meet, yeah?

novocaine (via facebook) suggested Future Nostalgia on Tuesday?

Lets do this, yé?

1ove, connects.

  1. novocaine

    Yeah let's do it! I'm keen.

  2. lebogang nkoane

    Awe! I'll give you shout when I touch down!

  3. Diaan

    I'm in ye olde Cape Town too these days! You have my phone number?

    I won't lie, Cape Town is so awesome that I hardly have any free time, but I'll definitely scratch open a moment for a 75 meetup, especially now that I live so close to the action and not 50km away like I did in GP.

    This Thursday (tomorrow, as I type this) is First Thursdays ( so Cape Town is gonna be rocking. I'll start off at an exhibition at the CTSP ( at about 6pm, and see where the evening takes me from there.

    That said... I almost always have time for a quick coffee during the day... life of a freelancer, yo. I'm usually working at a coffee shop either near Orms, or in the Woodstock Exchange. ;)

  4. lebogang nkoane

    Ah! I got your number now!

    We will connect!

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