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  1. 6th Year.

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    • Hello. Today marks the 6th year we've been alive. Normally I would write about all those statistical data that comes with celebrating a year gone by.  I don't think that is what this is about, this is photography. With that said, this is wou […]

  2. Meetups and teacups*

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    • Hello! *don't ask me why I titled this post that, it just rhymed. Yeah, on Thursday during Sheri G's exhibition we realised we need to meet-up more often. So, Jeff said he is going to organise the next JHB Meet. He will let us know next week, if my m […]

  1. Two Thousand and Thirteen

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    • Happy New Year 'Graphers! I'd like to welcome yáll to, yet another, year — I do hope 2012 was much kinder to you than it was to me, but like a stranger once said to me, we need celebrate our failures and be more public about them, more than we do […]